KKCG Group


KKCG is an international investment group managing more than EUR 6 billion in book value of assets and employing about 6,000 employees. KKCG holds stakes in such corporations as MND Group, SAZKA Group, ARICOMA Group, US Methanol, Springtide Ventures, and others. KKCG operates in 18 countries worldwide.


KKCG Real Estate Group


KKCG Real Estate Group is a member of the KKCG Investment Group. It was founded in 2012 for the purpose of ensuring effective management of the Group‘s real estate projects. Its main activities are residential and commercial development and facility management. The company also monitors real estate trends and markets, seeks out good investment opportunities and provides advice for the parent company KKCG AG. KKCG Real Estate Group‘s vision is to create permanent values combined with a genius loci with innovative architecture in line with sustainable development principles.




The goal of the KKCG Logistic & Industrial vehicle is to put together a strong portfolio of individual assets which are basically too big for local investors or too small for institutional investors. The majority of the assets shell be acquired off market and financed via long term financing to maximize the benefit from current yield gap. The whole structure is managed by a newly set up management company IPM a.s. (Industrial Portfolio Management a.s.)

For more information, visit www.kkcg.com/en